I know what you’re going to say…

Hello, beautiful souls. I keep breaking my promises to write more. I will no longer make that promise because life happens, and a lot of life has been happening to me. Now that I have had a little time to breathe, I’ll update you all on what has been goin on.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember if I mentioned in my last post that I moved halfway across the country. I relocated to the decent state of Texas. (No one get offended. I’m from Arkansas. Texans and I have a long and mostly friendly rivalry.) Since then, I have been spending my time training and acclimating to my new environment. There were some mishaps, but with some time things worked themselves out.

On a brighter note, I adopted a kitten! His name is Olliver, and he is currently 7 months old. He is a happy and zippy little bugger, but despite it all, he is currently the light of my life. He is super social and has the goal of making all humans and cats his friends. It’s not really working for him with other cats, but the humans still love him. (To the cats he has spent time with so far, I’m so very sorry. He just wants to be liked.) because of his social discrepancies with reading “leave me alone” cues from other cats, he’ll probably have a sibling here soon. That is still TBD. You can see his adorable face below. Isn’t he just the cutest?😍

Olliver at 2 months

With life happening and all, I also was able to pick up some more classes towards my Bachelors that has taken up most of my extra time. I just finished my first semester back with a 3.0. As you can probably imagine, I’ve been pretty tired. While there is not much time to rest, I have managed to get just enough. As I run into fall as a fresh 25 years of age, there isn’t time to slow down when you are on the path to success.

I hope that with all of this madness it justifies my long absence. I also hope that each and every one of you are doing well in this state of pandemic. Be safe. Live life. Smile.

Until next time, beautiful souls….

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