Now that a portion of the chaos is over…

Hello, beautiful souls. I’m more than aware that I constantly promise to do better, but I promise that this time my excuses are completely valid. I’ll catch you up on the chaos that has been my life.

Let’s start with the news that I’ve spent the time since my last post in April getting ready to move from Las Vegas to Texas BY MYSELF. Because of my job, I needed to move, which meant closing open projects, passing on my intelligence, and creating new bonds in my new environment. While these things are never necessarily easy, it was made harder by a pandemic, an election, the lateness of daylight savings time, and the sometimes fragile state of my mental health. (I can usually hold it together, but I did fracture a couple of times during all of this, but honestly, who didn’t?) I won’t get into all of the details at this time, but I made it in one piece more or less.

Since my last post, I’ve also been working on my photography. I’ll post some pictures on this post and start to post a bit more on those adventures. I will say that I can see improvement in my pictures. I’ve also started drawing a bit and working on fun things to do with my hair. (I started my own locs back in February, and they are finally long enough to me that I can start exploring different styles.)

In between all of this, I did actually have to go to the hospital, move my apartment, and put together a huge gift for my mom. (She LOVED it.) So for now, I’ll leave it there and get into details a little later. Just know that I haven’t completely abandoned you. I just disappeared for a bit. I’m mostly back now, but bare with me as I settle into my new environment.

Until next time, beautiful souls…

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