Well, yeah…

Hello, beautiful souls. I am back again. This time it is a brighter note, but not by much. So while my emotions have been somewhat better, my physical health has been on the decline.

Let me start by typing that I DO NOT HAVE THE CORONAVIRUS. At least based on the nurse hotline I talked to. Unfortunately, I do have some pretty bad allergies and possibly a cold. I’ve been really icky and congested. It just sucks. To add to the madness, I finally made some progress with some audio editing software that I can’t use because my voice sounds like I’ve been eating gravel.

I have also come to realize that my neighbors upstairs have a toddler who likes to run marathons at all hours of the day. It doesn’t really bother me until I’m trying to go to sleep, which is when the child does its best work. The child also likes to wake me up in the morning with a trio of screaming, crying, and stomping. My anxiety has been through the roof.

Now to the good stuff. I started making masks because I’m running out of the cheap ones, and I’m tired of wearing boring blue. To remedy that, I used some extra cloth I had around and started making a few for me and a couple of friends. They came out very nice. Like I wrote earlier, I also made some headway with my audio software. I had been struggling for weeks trying to figure it out. As a true amateur, I have a very long way to go, but progress is progress.

While I recover at home, I hope that you all are doing well and staying safe. Until next time, beautiful souls.

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