Hello, beautiful souls. It’s been a while since I’ve last opened up my keyboard for your amusement. Well, I’m back for now, and I have some things to say.

So I have been struggling lately. What’s worse than struggling are the inconsiderate “humans” that are around me quite often. Now, I put up with a lot. I try to be there for others. I am far from perfect, but I rarely attack a person’s character without just cause. Out of respect, I ask for that same courtesy.

Instead, this ‘person’ told me to suck it up because I couldn’t change what had happened. That is partially true. But to call me sensitive and high strung because I wasn’t doing things the way they wanted is totally different. I may be sensitive, but there was no problem with my sensitivity when they were telling me their problems. So, naturally, I got angry. Instead of saying the MANY things that were running through my mind, I decided to walk away. When asked why I was being so ‘sensitive’, I expressed that what we were doing is NOT my job. Therefore, I don’t have to take your inconsiderate nature in performing a project I am not required to do.

So to this person:

I WILL NOT apologize to you for being who I am. I will not apologize to you for having a bad day. I will not apologize to you for having feelings. I will not apologize to you for anything that I don’t feel is justified. You are just an inconsiderate human, and I don’t have to comply with that.


I wrote this over a year ago. I still feel the same way. Don’t apologize for HOW you feel. I believe in apologizing for how you handle those feelings.

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