Hello, beautiful souls!! I know that I have been M.I.A., and I’ll explain why (eventually, I hope). For my neglect, I apologize. Let’s dive in.

Alright, so on my blogging hiatus, I have been on a spree to be a better me. In doing so, I let go of some people from my past. I started going on adventures. I found genuine joy again in my life. For some reason though, once I start doing well, these zombies start stumbling back over to my life.

Now let me say this. Not all people from my past were problems. Not all of these relationships ended on a bad note; we just grew apart. There are some, however, that were just the opposite of the reasons I just listed.

In the past couple of months, about ten people came OUT OF NOWHERE sending me friend requests and asking me how I’m doing. My first thought was “How did these people find me?” My second thought was “What should I do?” That is when I realized that if I didn’t know right then, that these request could just sit there.

Before you think of me as a jerk, I have been coming to terms with the fact that not everyone needs to be in or see what I’m doing with my life. AGAIN, not a bad thing. It just happens.

Moral of the story: People have no problem coming back like zombies from The Walking Dead trying to take you down or suck up your joy. Not all of them, but definitely some. Be careful. As a matter of fact, go ahead and find a weapon and keep these zombies at bay.

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