Secrets and Lies

Hello, beautiful souls. Long time, no writing. In all honesty, I didn’t have much to talk about because life was going alright. I was busy and had plenty of excuses not to exercise my mind after hours.

Now that life is a little clearer for me, I have something to talk about. Bear with me as I try to pace myself. This is really hard for me, but it needs to be said.


My job allows me to take some time off to see my folks. I love them dearly. This time around, I also was able to see some friends. One of my forever friends saw me twice over my break. We will call him K.

So I met K through my ex-boyfriend. In actuality, I really should’ve met K like three years ago. We know so many of the same people. I still shock him to this day with my connections. It’s a small world, folks.

Well K is great about honesty. He has never failed to tell me the deal and keep me out of the dark. So I asked K how my ex was. (Look, I actually still care about the guy. He was really great, but I knew something was up because he shut down. Next thing I knew, I was single and being avoided like the plague.) Little did I know that I was in for a rude awakening.

Because I (regrettably) still have feelings for this guy, I won’t tell you the mind-blowing knowledge that fell into my lap. Just know that I was heartbroken and am still recovering from the damage of it all. What I will say is that this [insert bad word here] lied to me for at least a year and ten months. I was nothing but good to him, yet I was the one who was left behind.

When I confronted the guy on the subject (seeing that I don’t owe him the courtesy of keeping my mouth shut about it), he told me that it wasn’t an easy thing to say. My head was screaming THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU LIE AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. YOU KIND OF JACKED ME UP [BAD WORD]. He didn’t have anything else to say. If anything, that made me more angry.

Well now I’m letting the world know. I am twenty-one years old. I repeat: 21 YEARS OLD. I am not a child. My life has not been easy. I am not weak or stupid. I would rather hear the truth no matter how hard it is. Believe it or not, the truth saves lives. Lying is really how you just end up on WorldStar or YouTube. So please, spare me the BS. Just let me know the real deal so we can all move on with our lives.

To K, I thank you dearly for not letting me walk blind in regret and depression. You are a true light in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Well, beautiful souls, that’s all I have for you today. Going into 2018, I will make it a priority to keep you updated. Both the good and bad shall be talked about. I’ll write you in the new year.



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