Ultimate Best Friends

Hello, beautiful souls. Hopefully, all of you have at least one best friend. Someone who knows your TRUEST OF TRUE nature but are crazy enough to love you anyway.

Despite my self-proclaimed awfulness, I am lucky enough to have a very small circle that I like to call My Ultimates. To you exceptionally beautiful souls that deal with me constantly, I eternally thank you. You keep me going.

Currently, I have 4 Utlimates. Two are in my field of work. The other two knew me before I got my life together. (Oh, the humanity. ) After 7 years, I am proud to say that none of them hate me, and if they do, they were nice enough to not tell me so. 

This is just my personal tip for life. If you want great friends, then you have to be a great friend. There are those that slip through the cracks, but usually, this tip has worked for me.

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