Moving On

Hello, beautiful souls. As I’ve said before, dating hasn’t gone too well for me. The common factor is me, but I’m pretty sure that my history isn’t COMPLETELY my fault. Despite that fact, I have learned something. I have become a professional in the art of moving on.

Let’s not sugar coat this. Breaking up sucks. It hurts someone, even if it wasn’t you. If you are anything like me (which I hope that in very many ways you are not), that immediate time after the sadness is self-reflection. That can be good to see what you could have done better and check what you saw in that human. It can also be bad if you allow that self-reflection time to overly criticize and put yourself down.

Moving on is not easy. It most likely will not be how you moved on the last time. Recovery may be a short stint, but sometimes it can last for years. As a recovering soul, I’m finding that letting go is the suck-i-est, most rewarding thing I can do when my relationships don’t work out. My advice is to not lose hope. Just take it one day at a time. Eventually, it will hopefully get better. I believe in you.

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