Toads and Jerks

Hello, beautiful souls. Fairy tales have been floating around for centuries, if not millennia. Princesses, princes, frogs, getting saved, the whole shebang. What these stories don’t tell you is that there is a huge difference between kissing frogs and kissing jerks.

Like most things in my life, dating has not gone as planned. I went through an athlete phase, an artsy guy phase, an outcast phase, and the bad boy phase (because who hasn’t wanted a bad boy, right?). Some were frogs because they just weren’t right for me. As for the rest, they were just jerks. I’m sure that there are other words to call them, but I’m attempting to be nice.

The good thing about the technological era is that most jerks practically have it stamped on their foreheads. That’s great because it gives the frogs a chance to stretch their legs and come forward. So before you count out the frogs, give them a chance. You never know which frog will become your prince.

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